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Our winemaking process

Wineries in Alicante

At Bodegas Santa Catalina, a unique winemaking process that combines winemaking tradition with innovative approaches, gives unique and exclusive wines results.

We rely on technological innovation, which brings improvements in hygiene and fermentation control, keeping us faithful to the traditional methods.

But if there is something fundamental in our winemaking process is the know-how and experience of our work team, which is, after all, who ensures quality wines.

Grape harvest and reception

Mañán wines

With almost 900 hectares of production, we pay special attention to the care of the vineyard, working at the foot of the vine.

Each year the date of harvesting varies depending on the climatology, and can begin at the end of August, always attentive to the optimum ripening time.

In the winery we select the collection times and the quality of grapes for a better fermentation and higher quality in the wines that we elaborate.

Wine fermentation

DO Alicante

During this period the fermentation temperatures, the macerations, etc. are monitored, since depending on the wine in question the elaborations are different.


Alicante wines

Fieles a los métodos tradicionales, we use oak barrels in the whole process of fermentation, aging and storage in the elaboration of red wine.

The aging of the wines can vary from 3 months to 36 months depending on the wine that you want to elaborate and even to 10 years in wines very characteristic like the 'Fondillón'.

Alicante wines, mediterranean wines

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We have three lines of wines:

Torrent del Maña is the oldest, linked to the origin of the winery and consists of four wines, three young wines (white, pink and red) and a red wine with 12 months of barrel, , Complex and recognized by its long trajectory in the market. The varieties used in this wine line are a base of native varieties Monastrell, Airen and Merseguera.

Maña is a line of modern wines looking for freshness lightness and aroma. The varieties that we find in these wines of great quality are: Chardonnay, Moscatel Macabeo, Syrah, Monastrell Merlot, Cabernet.

Gran Mañán this line consists of two wines, a sweet Muscat wine and a red wine Fondillon, world famous being "the first wine to go around the world with Magallanes", This wine is made from a rigorous selection of Monastrell grapes. Counting on a solera of 1982 this becomes our wine of honor.