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Wine tourism

Oenological visits and wine tastings

Wine tourism is a booming sector in which Bodega Santa Catalina is very present, forming part of the 'Ruta del Vino de Alicante', encompassed in the 'Ruta del Vino de España'.

The tourism of the wine supposes an attractive offer of leisure, approaching the culture, tradition and customs of our earth to the visitor.

At Bodega Santa Catalina, we organize different types of visits with the aim of making known the history of our winery, the products offered by the land and the places in which we are located.

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  • Visita guiada por las instalaciones, descubre como elaboramos nuestros tintos, blancos y rosados
  • Cata comentada de 2 de nuestros vinos

8 € por persona


  • Paseo entre nuestros viñedos (Siempre que el teimpo acompañe)
  • Visita guiada por las instalaciones, descubre como elaboramos nuestros tintos, blancos y rosados
  • Cata comentada de 4 vinos acompañados de productos típicos de la zona

12 € por persona


  • Visita guiada por las instalaciones, descubre como elaboramos nuestros tintos, blancos y rosados
  • Salida al viñedo
  • Degustación de un pequeño picnic y cata comentada de 3 vinos en el viñedo

16 € por persona


  • Tour por las instalaciones dela Bodega
  • Historia y caracteísticas del Fondillón
  • Cata comentada del Fondillón
  • Degustación de distintos maridajes

22 € por persona

Oenological visits and wine tastings

"El sabor de la tierra"

A genuine wine cellar in Alicante with its own identity

The charm of the Santa Catalina wine cellar together with the wine tasting will make you discover 'El sabor de la tierra', denomination with which we have baptized our cozy wine store and cellar.

In the wine cellar, in addition to making wine tastings and acquiring souvenirs in the form of wines, the visitor will find an exquisite selection of local artisan products and gourmet products, which potentiate and perfectly accompany the taste of both strong wines and light wines.

Opening hours of the winery and wine cellar:

Monday to Friday from 9.45 to 14:00 and from 16:30 to 19:00.

Saturdays and Sundays 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Holidays consult.


El Mañán, a charming corner in Alicante

Bodega Santa Catalina is located in an charming place surrounded by vineyards that extend to the width and length of the whole valley, in the district of Manyar, being surrounded by mountains such as 'Sierra de Salinas', 'Monte Coto' and 'La Peña la Zafra'. Perfect natural places to hike or enjoy a picnic, and discover the historical, cultural and tourist heritage offered by the town of Monóvar, to which it belongs.

But the visitor can not miss the fond celebrations that from July to September are celebrated in the different districts of Monóvar, enjoying a cozy and close atmosphere in which every visitor is well received.

We recommend the 'Fiestas mayores de Monóvar', from 6 to 10 September, in which religious acts, such as 'la ofrenda', the 'procesión de la Salve', are intermingled with other more playful as the parade of 'Reinas y su corte', the 'Alborada', 'Mascletá', parades of 'Nanos and Gegants', the release of 'vaquillas', performances of popular folklore, concerts, painting and photography exhibitions.

No less important is the "Fira de Santa Caterina", at the end of November, which dates back to 1883 and takes place during two weekends: during the first the streets of Monóvar become a large medieval market, artisan and gastronomic, while the following weekend is an extensive cultural fair of local businesses and associations and with typical attractions for children.

Wineries in Monóvar
Wineries in Alicante

And of course, visit the most traditional restaurants of Alicante to taste exquisite dishes from the typical Mediterranean diet of Alicante. Our cuisine stands out for its richness and variety, and for conserving the most popular traditional Alicante dishes of the area.

Among the most popular dishes are the 'gachamiga', the rice with rabbit and snails, the 'gazpachos' and the 'fasegures', do not forget the sausages, famous for their quality, and for dessert homemade pastries and sweets such as the famous 'perusas'.

Apart of the good cuisine you can not miss a good wine 'maridaje', carefully selected.

Finally we recommend accompanying each dish with a good broth of our winery, in a harmonic wine 'maridaje' that will increase, even more, the pleasure of tasting the traditional dishes of Alicante.