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More than 50 years giving life to the authentic wines of Alicante

The origin of Santa Catalina de el Mañán, popularly known in its early days as Winery of the Mañan, dates back to 1962 with the founding of a great Winery in the plain of the Mañan, Monóvar.

The current winery was named after the patron saint of the town, and has been expanded over the years until reaching a crop of 5 million and a half kilos of grapes and a park of French oak barrels and barrels of American oak for ageing wines, as well as wine that characterizes to the province of Alicante throughout history, the Fondillón.

The history of the company is the result of the initiative of about thirty farmers own wineries, coming together to solve a logistical problem for the transportation of the wine, creating the great Winery of the Mañan, with best facilities, logistic conditions and location.

Courageous and hard-working growers among which stand out for their work to Francisco Paya Hernández and Silvestre Pérez, as founders and creators of such fruitful union.

oenological visit
Monóvar winery
Cellar Santa Catalina
oenological visit

And as a result, enjoy a wide range of young wines, cask wines, as well as special wines, Moscatel and Fondillón, all of them with a very careful preparation. Wines that are defendants from corners of all Spain, opening ways internationally exporting to countries of the European Union.

Years of hard work in close collaboration with its members been Winery Santa Catalina to be differentiated by its proximity and simplicity, showing great professionalism, in a clear commitment to the promotion and the culture of wine in Alicante.

As sign of this eagerness to promote and publicize the richness of the wine tradition in our area, tomandos an active part as one of the wineries in Alicante that participate in the route of the wine of Alicante, being Monovar founding partner.


These are the certifications that assure that the wines of Bodega Santa Catalina fulfill a series of requirements of quality, origin and production very demanding.

Wines denomination of origin Alicante

Denomination of origin Alicante

Wines denomination of origin Valencia

Denomination of origin Valencia

Ecological wine

Ecological Wine Certification

Single variety wine

Single variety wine certification

Remember that you can buy the products of Bodega Santa Catalina in our online store or visit "El sabor de la tierra", our wine shop, which besides the sale of wines, offers gourmet products of the area, as well as the realization Wine tastings and guided tours.


Our 879 hectares of own vineyards guarantee the homogeneity in each of our wines and the stability in its quality year after year.

Each wine is unique thanks to the diversity of our vineyards. The diversity of soils (limestone, sandy, stony and argillaceous), climate, geology, variety of strains and the style of its production are decisive, although variable, factors that give rise to wines with a unique character.

Combining the traditional cultivation of vase with the most modern cultivation of trellis, with great concern and respect for the environment, enjoying part of our production of certified organic farming, offering a complete range of organic wine in all its varieties.

Mañá wines
Great variety of Alicante wines

With a wide range of wines varieties Merlot, Tempranillo, Syrah, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Sauvignon and of course the native varieties Alicante bouchet and Monastrell,a unique and special type of Alicante grape.

Do not forget the white varieties of Chardonnay, Macabeo, Airen, Merseguera y Moscatel.